Technology: Taking Monta Vista by Storm

Technology has become a big part of the new generation of teenagers all over the world, and MVHS is no exception. Careers in a field such as this have always been very popular, sparking interests in the minds of young Monta Vista students looking for suitable careers. Because of this, the high school has several classes to teach JAVA, the most common and useful computer programming in the world, as well as many student-run technology clubs including the Robotics Team, Technovation, Web Design, and the Technology Student Association.

“I like doing a lot of stuff related to technology, and I also like doing a lot of stuff related to management,” said Marcus Plutowski (11), Director of Electrical for the Monta Vista Robotics Team, or MVRT. “I joined initially because I heard a lot about how much you can learn through the club… Robotics is, very specifically, building a robot. You’re applying theoretical technology, you’re doing the actual research for solving real problems and I really like that,” Plutowski stated.

Clubs such as the Robotics Team help juniors and seniors choose careers down this path in a more professional way. “It’s the idea of spreading STEM, and allowing people to take a hold of their future and work on careers and to push themselves towards careers in STEM,” Plutowski stated about the Robotics Team.

These sources also help freshmen and sophomores experience new innovations and ideas that they could rarely experience in elementary and middle school, especially if they have an interest in such a field and want to learn more about it before choosing for sure.

“I joined Technovation because I thought it would be interesting to learn about coding and business,” claimed a freshman who recently joined the club promoting girls in technology. “I think technology affects us everyday, so learning about how to create our own technology is really fascinating and important.”

Like she said, technology creates a big impact on Monta Vista students affects us everyday, in both positive and negative fronts. With new inventions being processed everyday, it makes life a lot easier for many people. The clubs and classes at Monta Vista help students to reach their full potential on these kinds of topics, and create paths for the brilliant minds of future technological leaders.