About Us

Res Novae is Monta Vista’s student-run science and technology magazine. Every month, our dedicated writers publish stories about exciting topics in STEM, from cancer research to artificial intelligence. We answer questions like:

How have Monta Vista students contributed to cancer research?
What is California doing to fight the drought?
What does Mr. Stark know about the Space Race with the Soviet Union?
Can intelligent robots cook my dinner for me?

We meet every Wednesday in room B111 (Mr. Jones’ room). Topics include workshops, upcoming publications, and more. If you have a question or are interested in joining as a writer, email us at mvresnovae@gmail.com!


President & Editor-in-Chief: Andrea Schlitt

Lead Editor: Srijani Saha

Section Editors: Bhavna Sud, Charlotte Chui, Daria Syskine

Staff Writers: Adithya Embar, Alice Lou, Andrea Perng, Bhakti Patwardhan, Bhavna Sud, Brenna Chen, Charlotte Chui, Daria Syskine, Ellie Chen, Janya Budaraju, Jasmine Lee, Jeffrey Gong, Jenny Chin, Keerat Singh, Pooja Vedam, Riya Chatterjee, Sangita Kunapuli, Saumya Tawakley, Surya Konkimalla

Design Lead: Ilena Peng

Art Lead: Carolyn Duan

Treasurer: Nikhita Shanker